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Faux Painting Products

Decorative painting is not only an art but also considered as a science since you have to follow certain procedures to achieve the particular effects that you want for your walls and other surfaces. You should also purchase the right type of faux painting products to ensure the quality of your work. Low quality materials can result in frequent reapplication or repair of the painted surface. Read more about Faux Painting Products >>

Venetian Plastering Products

Venetian plastering is a decorative painting technique that has been used by painting artisans for centuries and became popular during the Roman Empire. Artisans used this technique to mimic the look and feel of marble and granite, two of the most commonly used natural stone in construction. It is not only used for aesthetic purposes but also applied to protect the surface from moisture and other harsh environmental elements. Read more about Venetian Plastering Products >>

Decorative Painting Techniques & Textures

Enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a home can be done in many ways. You can introduce new fixtures, window treatments, and add furniture pieces. One efficient way to give your home a fantastic new look is to make use of decorative paints. Repainting the house using decorative techniques and textures achieve dramatic effects in living and dining rooms, kitchens or home offices. Decorative painting is a technique that requires skills and knowledge, and the best way to learn this craft is to invest in decorative painting training courses. Read more about Decorative Painting Techniques >>

Venetian Plastering Classes

With the rediscovery and resurgence of Venetian plastering, it is now being used in many interior and exterior areas of modern public buildings, offices, hotels, resorts, shops, and homes. However, applying Venetian plasters require some skills. If you want to learn more about the technique, you must enroll in Venetian plastering classes! Read more about Venetian Plaster Classes >>

Faux Finishing Classes

Picasso Faux Painting & Venetian Plastering School offers affordable, yet comprehensive courses in faux finishing. We can guarantee that students will learn all the faux painting techniques and methods so they’ll have the confidence and skill set to take on any faux finishing task. Our faux finishing classes are open to anyone who wishes to ensure that their painting skills will become truly incomparable! Read more about Faux Finishing Classes >>

Faux Painting Classes Fort Lauderdale & Naples, FL

If you are ready to take your painting skills to the next level, start looking for a trusted local painting studio or school in your area. One of the faux painting schools that you can call right now is Picasso School of Faux Painting & Venetian Plastering. We primarily serve students in Fort Lauderdale & Naples, FL. However, we don't just limit our service areas to these two States. We also welcome students from all over the US who are looking for well-experienced trainers. Read more about Faux Painting Classes >>